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Koerdt Goes to (Federal) Court

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

These documents are part of a federal lawsuit filed July 16, 2021 by Russellville High School Girls Basketball Coach Ryan Koerdt. Highlights and comments are added for context. Additional documents are linked at the bottom. Draw your own conclusions....

Highlighted Above: Ryan Koerdt is referred to as Plaintiff throughout the document.

Above #3: Title IX protects any person from sex-based discrimination, regardless of their real or perceived sex, gender identity, and/or gender expression. All female, male, and gender non-conforming individuals are protected from any sex-based discrimination, harassment or violence.


Above #7: This alleges a basis for a Title IX complaint. RSD denies this allegation.


Above #17: Koerdt claims his grievance contributed to the termination of Dr. Mark Gotcher

Above #18: According to sources, this statement is no longer accurate.


This allegation is mentioned in the investigative reports available for download here:

First Investigation Information_Redacted
Download ZIP • 460KB


Above #26: Concerning allegations being made here against Vining. Please note that RSD admits Vining was hired April 19 and that he conversed with Koerdt about the girls' basketball team and that Vining learned about babysitting/church. RSD denies other allegations in this section.


Above #28: This begins a separate section claiming retaliation against Koerdt. RSD denies claims 27 - 32.


Above #35: Action taken by RSD on July 13, 2021


Above #36(f): I'm assuming these are the records we previously published on this issue. If so, please note those records were received as part of Dr. Gotcher's personnel file, which was reviewed by the Attorney General's office

Above #37: Yikes, another concerning allegation against Vining. Please note, RSD denied these allegations in their response.

Above #41: "Show me the money!!"


Above #47: To be paid by taxpayers


Above: Robert Newcomb also represented Ryan Koerdt in his Title IX lawsuit against Sheridan School District after his employment was terminated. Koerdt was not successful in that case.


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